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Hire Experienced Virtual Ecommerce Assistant

virtual assistant starting at $12/hr.

Any sales task you can imagine.

  • Tracking orders

  • Taking Inventory

  • Supporting customers

  • Market Research

  • Data Collection and Organization

Running an online shop is wise even in a post-pandemic world, and the first thing you need to do once your digital business starts gaining traction is hire an Virtual E-commerce Assistants. To a few business owners, this can sound like a reckless leap. After all, they’ve been running their business solo for quite some time. And besides, who needs help when one can squeeze all the tasks for a virtual assistant into an entire day?

Virtual E-commerce Assistants are a valuable support for customers browsing products in your store. They let you inexpensively improve customer service, improving user experience and site usability. As a busy e-commerce business owner, you may not have the time to reply to every request yourself. Hiring people to do this, on the other hand, is quite expensive, negatively impacting the ROI of your operations.

Plus, it would be hard to be able to serve every customer, 24/7, in all time-zones, even with a huge customer service team. Learn what e-commerce virtual assistants can do and how they affect your store’s usability.

What is Virtual E-commerce Assistants?

Virtual E-commerce Assistants are the resources that use machine learning and natural language processing to perform various tasks, including understanding user queries, providing them with relevant information, or even creating product descriptions.

For you, using Virtual E-commerce Assistants mean less manual work. For your customers, bots offer 24/7 customer service, improving the overall experience of your website.

What can virtual assistants do?

First, let’s see what else can Virtual E-commerce Assistants do for you and your business. In short, we talk about significant task automation, including:

  • Product research
  • Product description writing
  • Image editing
  • Product listing and optimisation
  • Managing inventory
  • Handling order processing
  • Assistance in returns and exchanges



Simple And Flat.

Standard Plan

$ 12

/hour per person
For small to medium size businesses that want to scale their operations.

+$1000 one-time setup fee Minimum 40 hours per week contract

  • Top 1% talent
  • Free replacements
  • No long contracts
  • Sales training
  • Account manager
  • Staffed in 3 days

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Team Plan

$ 10

/hour per person
For enterprises that need scale, security and specialized services.

  • Top 1% talent
  • Free replacements
  • No long contracts
  • Custom pricing
  • Sales training
  • Account manager
  • Staffed in 3 days

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What sales tasks can your virtual assistant do?

Anything and everything.

  • Setting Appointments
  • Closing Clients
  • Lead Generation
  • Cold Calling
  • CRM Management
  • Confirming Appointments
  • Follow Ups
  • Sending Contracts

Frequently Asked Question

Virtual Assistants can optimize the packaging and labeling process, ensuring that shipments are accurately and securely packaged, meeting industry standards and minimizing the risk of errors during transit.

Yes, Virtual Assistants can effectively coordinate reverse logistics processes, managing returns, and facilitating product recalls to ensure a streamlined and efficient process for handling product returns and recalls.

iTech Digital has protocols for managing peak seasons or surges in order volumes. Virtual Assistants can assist in scaling logistics operations, optimizing resources, and managing increased demands efficiently.

Absolutely. Virtual Assistants can assist in implementing sustainability practices, including eco-friendly packaging and optimizing transportation routes, contributing to a more environmentally conscious and sustainable logistics operation.

Virtual Assistants can handle customs duties, taxes, and other international trade-related charges when coordinating cross-border shipments, ensuring compliance with regulations and facilitating smooth customs processes.

Yes, Virtual Assistants can track and manage the lifecycle of high-value or specialized goods, implementing security measures and ensuring proper handling to safeguard valuable items during transportation and storage.

Yes, we can match you with a Virtual Assistant who has expertise in your specific medical specialty. This ensures that the assistant is familiar with the terminology and nuances associated with your field.

Certainly. Virtual Assistants can effectively coordinate with third-party logistics providers or freight forwarders, ensuring smooth collaboration and coordination within the logistics supply chain.

iTech Digital employs measures to ensure data accuracy and integrity. Virtual Assistants contribute to maintaining reliable records by regularly updating databases and conducting checks to ensure the accuracy of logistics information.

Absolutely. Virtual Assistants can assist in managing the integration of logistics systems or platforms, enhancing overall efficiency and connectivity within the logistics network, leading to a more streamlined and interconnected logistics operation.