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Hire Experinced Virtual Road Side Assistance Assistant

virtual assistant starting at $12/hr.

Any sales task you can imagine.

  • Virtual agents reduce call time

  • Availability Increased by 25%

  • Customer satisfaction Increased by 80%

  • Fast & Easy Service for Customers in Need

Virtual Telephone Agent for Roadside Assistance. Agents that will handles routine Roadside Assistance calls. Roadside virtual assistant is a relatively new concept that is slowly gaining popularity among frequent travelers. Another great benefit of using roadside virtual assistant is cost savings.

Some emergencies require constant availability of service and efficient communication more than others. Because we understand that your customers sometimes need assistance past the first intervention, we have created Virtual Roadside assistance staff, a virtual agent answering recurring types of questions very quickly.

Thanks to our virtual roadside assistant agent, you will never suffer the endless hotline waiting ever again. Fast-paced, clear communication is key to help you make the most out of your insurance policy.

Do your client has a question about your policy, or about the courtesy vehicle your client were provided with? Our virtual roadside assistance agent, The Multichannel Virtual Agent Powered by Advanced Conversational methodology helps your client regain his mobility.


  • Ensure the availability of the agent 24 hours a day
  • Improve the availability of the service at the busiest hours
  • Reduce waiting time on the phone
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce staff costs
  • Create more time for human operators so that they can deal with more complex or unusual situations
  • Increase road safety by faster intervention, for example when towing a dangerous vehicle

Take advantage of the leading call center for Roadside virtual Assistant. With advanced customer care, we are offering virtual roadside assistance service for many of the most common member requests, such as flat tire repair, lockout assistance, and towing. The solution even works with Service Providers to offer Cancellation and ETA updates.



Simple And Flat.

Standard Plan

$ 12

/hour per person
For small to medium size businesses that want to scale their operations.

+$1000 one-time setup fee Minimum 40 hours per week contract

  • Top 1% talent
  • Free replacements
  • No long contracts
  • Sales training
  • Account manager
  • Staffed in 3 days

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Team Plan

$ 10

/hour per person
For enterprises that need scale, security and specialized services.

  • Top 1% talent
  • Free replacements
  • No long contracts
  • Custom pricing
  • Sales training
  • Account manager
  • Staffed in 3 days

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What sales tasks can your virtual assistant do?

Anything and everything.

  • Setting Appointments
  • Closing Clients
  • Lead Generation
  • Cold Calling
  • CRM Management
  • Confirming Appointments
  • Follow Ups
  • Sending Contracts

Frequently Asked Question

iTech Digital’s Virtual Assistants in Roadside Assistance are trained to provide various services, including dispatching help for vehicle breakdowns, coordinating tow services, and offering guidance on minor roadside issues.

Virtual Assistants respond promptly to emergency roadside situations. Customers can request assistance through designated channels, such as a dedicated phone line or a mobile app, initiating a swift response.

Yes, Virtual Assistants can efficiently coordinate services such as towing, tire changes, or fuel delivery, ensuring timely assistance and efficient resolution of roadside emergencies.

Safety is a top priority. iTech Digital implements safety protocols, and Virtual Assistants are trained to prioritize the security of customers during roadside assistance, following industry best practices.

Absolutely. Virtual Assistants provide real-time updates on the location and estimated arrival time of roadside assistance providers, keeping customers informed throughout the assistance process.

iTech Digital has established procedures for handling situations where customers are stranded in remote or unfamiliar areas. Virtual Assistants work diligently to coordinate assistance and guide customers to safety.

Yes, Virtual Assistants can assist in coordinating with insurance providers for roadside assistance coverage and claims processing, streamlining the communication and ensuring a smooth experience for customers.

Customers can connect with Virtual Assistants through designated communication channels, such as a dedicated hotline or a mobile app. iTech Digital typically provides availability support for roadside assistance.

Virtual Assistants actively manage customer feedback and satisfaction surveys, gathering insights to enhance the quality of roadside assistance services and contributing to continuous improvement.

Yes, Virtual Assistants can provide basic troubleshooting tips for common roadside issues, guiding customers through steps to address problems like a dead battery or a flat tire before assistance arrives.