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Hire Experienced Virtual Legal Assistant

virtual assistant starting at $12/hr.

Any sales task you can imagine.

  • Appointments

    Confirming and setting appointments so you never miss a deal again.

  • Outbound Calls

    Cold calling prospects to generate leads for your business.

  • Close Calls

    Closing sales deals via voice and/or video calls – within any vertical.

  • Inbound Calls

    Closing sales deals via voice and/or video calls – within any vertical.

Every law firm is focused on keeping clients happy and their practices profitable. No matter what the task, be it handling the phones, discovery, case management, dealing with client issues or performing administrative tasks, we have you covered.

Also, legal virtual assistants can help a law firm increase efficiencies, scale more rapidly, and provide a client-centered experience. They can complete routine administrative tasks and improve customer service by managing client calls, coordinating important meetings and deadlines, and more.

What is a virtual legal assistant?

Think of a virtual legal assistant as an extension of yourself for administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on lawyering and billable work. A remote legal assistant can take care of a wide range of routine tasks. These include managing client communication (calls, live chat, email, etc.), scheduling appointments, legal researching and writing, managing contracts, and accounting.

Legal virtual assistants are also a great option for legal practice if you are not ready to add another full-time in-house staff member. Ultimately, virtual legal assistants save law firm money, since hiring a virtual legal assistant cost less than hiring another lawyer or in-house employee for the firm.

  • We provide very bright Virtual Assistants who, with your guidance, will perform a host of services at your direction.
  • Our firm-wide experience includes intake, communication management, case management, discovery, any administrative or back-office work, and many other taskings to streamline day-to-day operations.
  • You will have immediate access to Assistants to help with any work you need done. Should you need one or several professionals, your team is always exclusively dedicated to you.
  • No task is too small or mundane and you can count on us ensure cost-effective reliability and performance.
  • Your Assistants are fully backed by the “VPP Reliability Guarantee” and your data is always secure and confidential.
  • Some of the more administrative taskings include intelligently managing telephone and email traffic, codifying conversations, delivering messages, updating your CMS, scheduling, managing changes to meetings and court dates, file management and helping keep your team on the same page at all times.

As you start researching your options for outsourcing legal administrative tasks to virtual legal assistants, you’ll likely get overwhelmed with the number of options. You should thoroughly vet potential candidates and companies to narrow down your options. Make a list of all the qualities you need in a virtual assistant. Be sure to check their previous experience and ask for references. Some key qualities to consider:

  • Work ethic
  • Personality and rapport
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Writing and communication skills
  • Project management skills
  • Legal research skills
  • Technology experience
  • Experience in your practice area
  • Willingness to learn
  • Clear and regular communication.
  • Provide administrative support to our team of Lawyers
  • Draft and file legal documents and correspondence
  • Organize and maintain legal documents
  • ⦁ Review legal documents such as summonses, complaints and judgments
  • ⦁ Perform other duties as assigned



Simple And Flat.

Standard Plan

$ 12

/hour per person
For small to medium size businesses that want to scale their operations.

+$1000 one-time setup fee Minimum 40 hours per week contract

  • Top 1% talent
  • Free replacements
  • No long contracts
  • Sales training
  • Account manager
  • Staffed in 3 days

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Team Plan

$ 10

/hour per person
For enterprises that need scale, security and specialized services.

  • Top 1% talent
  • Free replacements
  • No long contracts
  • Custom pricing
  • Sales training
  • Account manager
  • Staffed in 3 days

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What sales tasks can your virtual assistant do?

Anything and everything.

  • Setting Appointments
  • Closing Clients
  • Lead Generation
  • Cold Calling
  • CRM Management
  • Confirming Appointments
  • Follow Ups
  • Sending Contracts

Frequently Asked Question

Virtual Assistants excel in organizing and maintaining a comprehensive legal database, ensuring easy access to case references, client information, and other relevant legal data for efficient retrieval.

Absolutely. Virtual Assistants can assist in managing billing and invoicing processes, ensuring accuracy in financial transactions and compliance with legal fee structures for transparent client communication.

Virtual Assistants are trained to identify and manage conflicts of interest when handling client matters or collaborating with other legal professionals, ensuring ethical standards are upheld.

Yes, Virtual Assistants can effectively coordinate with court clerks, opposing counsel, and other legal professionals, ensuring smooth case proceedings and maintaining professional relationships in the legal community.

iTech Digital invests in the continuous professional development of Virtual Assistants, providing ongoing training to keep them updated on legal trends, practices, and changes in regulations.

Certainly. Virtual Assistants can assist in managing legal marketing efforts, including updating the firm’s website, coordinating events, and maintaining a social media presence to enhance the visibility of your legal practice.

Virtual Assistants ensure secure storage and archiving of legal documents, adhering to document retention policies and legal standards to maintain compliance and data integrity.

Yes, Virtual Assistants can assist in drafting and managing legal correspondence, including letters, emails, and other communications, ensuring professionalism and accuracy in legal communications.

iTech Digital customizes the onboarding and training process for Virtual Assistants to align with the specific needs and practices of your legal team, ensuring a seamless integration into your workflow.

Absolutely. Virtual Assistants can efficiently manage legal subscriptions, research tools, and databases, ensuring that your legal team has access to the latest and most relevant legal resources for informed decision-making.